Getting Started with $20 Boss & myEdOnline

This is the comprehensive guide to kicking butt with $20 Boss & myEdOnline. Make sure you read this before or while you are getting started!

Watch below for how to in less than 6 minutes get to success with $20 Boss:

Or read step by step:

The Technology Checklist
  1. You and your students have access to Chrome, Firefox or Safari (Do not use Internet Explorer)
  2. You have access to the internet (fast enough for YouTube videos)

Step 1 - Sign up + access $20 Boss content

1. Open any internet browser NOT Internet Explorer e.g. Google Chrome (Chrome and Firefox work best)

2. Click on this link to access the myEdOnline $20 Boss content .

This is the screen that will appear:

3. Click Add to My Library

4. You will then be prompted to Sign Up as per the below.


Once signed up you will have access to the library of content for $20 Boss and it should look something like the below!

Step 2 - Create a class

1. From your home icon (top left hand corner of the screen), navigate to ‘My Classes’ as below.

2. Type in a name for your class and click create.

Step 3 - Signup students via Class Code

To signup your students:

  1. Click the class you want and select the ‘Members’ tab

  2. Click the 'Open for Signup' toggle

  3. Have your students go to and type in their class code to enter their details and join your class

HOT TIP: Write and your class code on the whiteboard and have your students navigate to it, type in their details using their school email and submit - give them a 5 minute timed limit.

They will then be added to your class and can access their classes learning from there :)

Step 4 - Copy $20 Boss to your class

1. Once you've created your class, navigate via the home icon to ‘My Library’ as below

2. Click the ‘$20 Boss Modules and resources 2016’ quest collection – this is where all the content is housed.

3. Hover over the quest you would like to send to your class and click the green ‘copy for students’ button.

4. Select the class you want to send it to and click it. This will take you to your class page where you will see the quest is ‘open to students’ as below

5. Repeat this for each of the modules as and when you would like your students to access them.

NB: When the module appears 'open to students' it will automatically appear for the students in myEdOnline to commence.

Step 5 - Have students log on & complete the learning

Students can login via with their email + password they chose when they signed up.

If your students have forgotten their password, email is misspelled or any other issue click here to learn how to reset passwords and fix any login issues

Step 6 - Mark & Provide Feedback

1. Navigate to ‘My Classes’ and select the class your student is in.

2. Click the Markbook tab

3. The Markbook autopopulates the marks for your students in that class, see below for what each icon means:

4. Click on the activity cell with the pencil icon you want to mark

Then you’ll be taken to the marking view for that quest, scroll and select the question you want to mark

5. Select a mark, type in some effective feedback and click ‘Save Mark & Feedback’

Hey presto you’re done! It’s as simple and easy as that to mark and provide feedback to your students in real-time!